About Leigh-Leigh

I want to focus on YOU!

Being heard is important; I'm a good listener. Feeling good about yourself and your life are key; I'll help you problem-solve and will be your biggest encourager!

I think YOU are Beautiful!

So often we can't see the good, the potential, the strengths, the beauty we possess. But I DO see all of these things in YOU! I'll help you see your way to them! Or maybe you know your potential, but need a little encouragement or push. I'm the one who will hold you accountable and help you move forward.

What're YOU waiting for?!

The sooner you and I get started, the sooner YOU are on your way to shaping your future, finding your purpose, living the life you want, and building your dreams! Book your COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute call NOW!

I'm here for YOU!

You’re here for a reason -- this page and this earth! Trust your gut as to why our paths are crossing!

Do you have a lot on your plate? Wish for different stuff on your plate? Are you stuck or wanting to change direction? Are you willing to explore the possibilities available to you and work a little for results? That’s where I was a several years ago…more, later.

Coaching is really about YOU! Here’s a little about me, tho, so you can know who I am. Medically speaking, I’m a miracle and should’ve died four times. I remember vividly the last three. That kind of survival really makes me feel that there’s a special reason I was spared. The phrase, “For such a time as this,” blows through my soul often; I’m so excited and grateful to be a life coach in the here and now! It is my deepest hope to help every person I coach realize the reason they were created, “for such a time as this.” I value, love, and am passionate about my faith and people. I am big on compassion, care of, and responsibility to, self and others. I believe that honest work builds self-esteem, leads to achievement, and increases well-being. I believe growth is facilitated from a platform of positivity, laughter, and having and creating fun! Through the years, I’ve been in coaching roles a lot: I’m a singer and a private voice teacher; a former youth leader; and a substitute teacher. My husband and I have three grown daughters. I love people and I love deeply. Now, on to why we’re here together…

…After a ton of prayer and a not-so-patient time of waiting (answers, I wanted answers!) God called me to this work by first directing me to a graduate certification program in positive psychology, through The University of Missouri (Mizzou). Next came JRNI life coach training! And here I am with you! I’m ready and I can’t wait to meet! Let’s talk!

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