KR, Illinois

January 22, 2020


When I started coaching with Leigh-Leigh, I was feeling overwhelmed with so many responsibilities. I was feeling like I wasn’t doing anything very well--just enough to get by with my parenting, work, friendships, etc. What was most surprising to me was that she helped me see that I don’t have to try to fix everything at once. Even making one or two small changes can really make a big impact. I have definitely been able to make some positive changes as a result of our working together. I’m putting less pressure on myself to be “perfect.” I’ve been setting aside dedicated, individual time with each of my children. This has felt “freeing” to me!


It has helped me be more creative with work, my kids, and my significant other. And it has helped improve my relationships all around.


Coaching with Leigh-Leigh was something to look forward to! Coaching was an eye-opening experience. I really enjoyed the exercises and they helped me recognize strengths that I forgot I had. And that there are things I can do to move past my past into a brighter future. As a coach, she is encouraging, helpful, and challenging. She asked good questions that made me think and got me out of my comfort zone. Each session, she followed up on the previous week’s assignments and held me accountable for things I was supposed to do. Leigh-Leigh’s personality is energetic, supportive, loving and genuine -- all things that make her a great coach!


Keith Berns, MA

January 20, 2020


I absolutely loved working with Leigh-Leigh. I had been really struggling with my confidence in starting my business. Leigh-Leigh held space for me and allowed me to vocalize every limiting belief I had surrounding my lack of confidence. She then followed with a series of questions that really made me think. The ultimate Ah-ha moment I had was when she challenged me to think about a specific time in my life I faced similar confidence issues. How did I attack it and what did it look like on the other side? That was all I needed and I was on my way!

Leigh-Leigh not only coached me with technique but she coached me with her heart. She genuinely cared about the issues I was having and wanted to walk along side me to overcome my obstacles. I would recommend Leigh-Leigh to anyone who is looking to be coached and is ready to take action. She is a true professional with a huge heart!

Rachel Calkins

January 20, 2020

Leigh-Leigh helped me realize I don't have to stay in a toxic work environment. I need to do what is best for me & give myself grace. She helped me see that a positive mindset can change your life!

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